"When sleeping women wake, mountains move."    -Chinese Proverb 

We are a 501C3, social-profit venture (aka not for profit).
Our mission is to connect women from around the world. We host women's circles, events and a website dedicated to creativity, growth and self-expression. Unlike many women's organizations, we welcome partnership and collaboration with men and host many co-ed events in addition to our women's only activities. We have been involved in global, multicultural events honoring women's wisdom and plan to do more as we continue to grow and attract more funding.

SpiralMuse Turned Seven on
December 3, 2009

Here's Our Birthchart

From out of the darkness and into the light, SpiralMuse's birthday is the powerful and auspicious day of a total solar eclipse. We are the mother and we are the child. As a group of women, we have conceived and gestated
and labored through many moons. We now birth
ourselves collectively through this birth canal, and the great mystery knows only what will become of our offspring. We surrender to our vision, our devotion, and to the instincts that move us to create.

We are wild and crazy and courageous, and this is one of the many reasons that we feel aligned with the energies of this New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse. Why oh why, and with an astrologer on board, would we choose to be born on such a day of power, mystery, and intensity? Well, because we are powerful, mysterious, and intense people alive on a planet with powerful, mysterious and intense forces at work! We are ready and willing to play powerfully in that terrain. New moons are the dark time of the lunar cycle and solar eclipses are even darker as the moon temporarily blocks the light of the sun. For us, this means that we are willing to be in the darkness, we are willing to walk through it, embrace it, own it, and illuminate it where appropriate. The sacred darkness is powerfully feminine. When the darkness is woven of forgetfulness and war, we bring light.


This eclipse is closely aligned with the planet Pluto which adds a strong dose of pressure to truly let go of what is no longer necessary and to rebirth out of the ashes of loss. We know that our planet and our people are at an unprecedented time of transformation. As a web of women, we invoke the power of Pluto to transform and heal us personally and collectively. We envision a world where respect for life, balance of polarity, open hearted love, celebration, and gratitude are present. We hold the chrysalis, we are the butterfly, we know you are too.

Our birthday is strongly influenced by the sign of Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter. These energies are pioneering, expanding, growing and questing for truth. When they grow unchecked, they become dogmatic, proselytizing, and unable to listen to other's point of view. Lucky for us, these planets all fall in our house of roots, family, home, and legacy. It is our intention to stay grounded and connected to the women of our past, our families, our earth, and each other so that we are able to bring forth Sagittarius's message in balance.

Other themes of our chart ask us to embody the full woman. Woman as leader, mother, partner, sister, and healer. To take our place of respect in the world wearing all of our faces. We are forging ahead on the foundations laid by the women before us to create new roles and archetypes for women that are integrated, active, healthy, f ami ly oriented, and globally aware.

Another amazing invocation in our birth chart that we fully embrace is a deeply healing and transformative marriage of the sexes. It is our intention, even as a women's web site, to relate generously with the men of our lives and the world. We bring ourselves fully to the mysterious interplay between men and women. We share and we are open to listening. We are in the dance of relationship and intimacy with our sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, lovers, and friends.

We are ready to be born! Ready to connect with the world. We will be born and reborn in rhythm with the moon. Every new moon, will bring another theme, another facet, another story as we spiral on, musing our way through the mystery.

December 3rd, 2002

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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up."

             - Pablo Picasso





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