"When sleeping women wake, mountains move."    -Chinese Proverb 


e-Buddha for e-Angel

Clay Sculptures from SpiralMuse LIVE!

Artist: Alison Colby

Artist Astrid Reichenbach

Artist: Awenita Delgado

Artist: Barbara Getrost

Artist: Catherine Moore

Artist: Frank Cordelle

Artist: Judy Jones

Artist: Jude Mooney

Artist: Katrina Baden

Artist: Linda McCabe

Artist: Lynn Augstein

Artist: Karen Day Vath

Artist: Katalin Koda

Artist: Katrina Baden

Artist: Kristi Martinez

Artist: Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming

Artist: Meinrad Craighead

Artist: Mia Fernandes

Artist: VanesaMartinelli

Artist: Veronica Ramirez


Larry King Live interview with Deepak Chopra regarding the Tsunami

Surviving the Tsunami

"The Road Forward" by Starhawk

Nigerian Woman Free; Express Gratitude

Democracyconference Sept 2003

Miracle Anyone? By Danger Angel

Borders by Betty Scholten

The Social Venture Network The UN Commission on
Sustainable Development Conference on American Spirit,
Values and Power

Say No To Class Warfare!

ISM Solidarity Action Alert

SpiralMuse: Activism Honors Aaron Pava

Peace Activist Linda Sartor's letters from Iraq

Iraq Peace Reports

Reflections on America at War by Fleet Maull

Protesting Is Good For You, UK Study Finds

A Charge to Women Everywhere, by Kristi Langerak

Spoonbending in the New American Century
by Jennifer Holmes

What is Courage? by Matthew Bailey-Dick

Borders by Betty Scholten

"Humans beneath the Hostilities"
Iraq Reflections by Matthew Bailey-Dick

Among the Date Trees, by John Barber

Peace and Martin Sheen by Danger Angel

Julia Butterfly Hill: One Makes a Difference

Wage Peace by Judyth Hil

Create A Blanket of Peace, by SpiralMuse

Books On Activism and Spirituality - Penny Recommends


Oh, so, not MOBILE! - Cecilia and Denize

Paris Musing - Cecilia and Denize

SpiralMuse Interview with Jill Bodonsky -Author of "9 Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard"

SpiralMuse Interview with Jean Shinoda Bolen - Author of "The Millionth Circle" & Goddesses in Every woman"

SpiralMuse Interview with Carol Hansen Grey - Executive Director of WOVA (Women of Vision and Action)

Creation Story by Lisa Weightman



To the Mole Mothers for Thanksgiving

Article on Mothering

Father's Day poems

Babies Have Been Smiling at Me Lately by Amy Pitsker

The Loss of Rubybleu, the Birth of a Foundation
by The Rubybleu Foundation

Water Birth: A Giant Leap Forward by Karil Daniels



Sexual Energy: Reality vs. Illusion by Jane Cohen

Ten tips for a Healthy Heart by Susun Weed


Is your Archetype into it? by Jean Bolen

Journaling Exercises and links

Inner Organizer

Gratitude Journal

Heart of Change by Beata Lewis

One Small Statement by Brandi Powell

PJ's Picks - Journaling Books


November Learn: Aromatherapy

Leading from Center by Beata C. Lewis

Article from Karen Rae

Tera Lee - Starting and Running your own business

Suzanne Falter-Barnes
- How to Find Self Fulfillment, Creativity, and Happiness - And Pay the Bills at the Same Time


Nourish Yourself: Recipes

Memoirs of a Free Spirit

Contemplation's by Kim Copeland

Here Comes the Flu Season ~ Protect
yourself the WiseWoman way

by Susun S. Weed

How does a Garden Grow? by Kim Corbin

Soul Powers by Sara Zeno

Cassandra Teurf - Cycle Wisdom

In Tune with the Moon

Birthing SpiralMuse
Winter Foods

Alive on the Planet
In Tune with the Moon
Dancing with the Heavenly Bodies

Alive on the Planet
In Tune with the Moon
Dancing with the Heavenly Bodies

Alive on the Planet
In Tune with the Moon
Dancing with the Heavenly Bodies

Alive on the Planet
In Tune With The Moon
Dancing with the Heavenly Bodies

Alive on the Planet
In Tune with the Moon
Dancing with the Heavenly Bodies

Summer Musing
Mars in Pisces

Meditation Boot Camp by Danger Angel

Eat properly while cleansing

An Exploration of Self by Danger Angel

Skip on 10/03

A Walk through the Gate: Inward Journey by Kristi Langerak

Food, Mood, and Attitude by Kristi Langerak


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