"When sleeping women wake, mountains move."    -Chinese Proverb 
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Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Each canvas is a prayer waiting to be spoken...each image is an icon of love...each stroke is color-filled worship of the Creator. 

"Dancing Her Prayers"

Each of my works is created with specific intention, designed to hold the resonance for that possibility. For example, to focus my devotional paintings towards a certain vision, is to actually invite that vision to become more possible in reality.    When others can see that possibility, they can imagine it, feel it and even see how they might co-create it. The paintings act as a pathways. 

"Faith in the Promises"
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These works of art are a powerful prayers flowing from my heart to yours, lifted up to the Creator - with the red threads of mystery woven through it.    The threads hold my prayer for healing for the people for whom the painting is created. When I paint a f ami ly, in love with each other, happy, whole and connected I am celebrating that existence in the universe. 


My images are also spiritual and physical shields of love, antidotes to the mass-media images we are shown about who we are supposed to be.  

"A place has been prepared for You"

Instead they invite us to be more ourselves, and to celebrate who we are right now. They encourage passionate love, devotion to the divine, self acceptance, peace, self-healing, rest for the soul and body. They are invitations to dream yourself awake - to invent new worlds in which you are where you want to be and to approach the threshold of the sacred.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.
- Anawanitia

The only thing better than singing is more singing.
- Ella Fitzgerald

Stop. Breathe. Allow yourself the luxury of doing nothing for a moment, or an hour, or even a day. It is in emptiness that inspiration will appear.
- Carole Katchen

I don't see why we ever think of what others think of what we do no matter who they are. Isn't it enough just to express yourself?
- Georgia O'Keeffe


Art Editor,
Meggie Pina,
shares her art & Inspiration in her Affirmation Gallery


Fried Sugar Throat

Peel me like a pear
I don't care
wear me anyway you want
as long as I'm soft
drawn open
a fried sugar throat
a resting bone
breath like strawberry
and a sore sore throat
so sore I rub it
I love it

Do whatever you want
I don't care
as long as I'm soft
tasting tangerine
caught like a thief
whispering vines
in between teeth

My hands wander
my eyes wander
my heart wanders
I'm fine as long as you
let me go on about with
this sweetness
a fried sugar throat
going sweeter
with every turn

Peel me like a pear
I don't care
spin me round
see what you create
little jewel box handler
wear me anyway you want
I don't care
as long as I'm soft
sore and sweet.

by Catherine De Gear

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