"When sleeping women wake, mountains move."    -Chinese Proverb 
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Women's Wisdom: The Healing Power of the Feminine
by Kami McBride

Women's Wisdom is gained through a woman's deep relationship with her body and all of the knowledge and information that wells up from that place.

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Welcome to SpiralMuse Learn, where women can hunker down and find information, mentors, courses, and ideas to expand their world. We've included just a few of the wonderful resources available to women, so, we invite you to send an email to learn with experts and organizations you'd like to see featured here.

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From Clutter to Order
Free Video Series

Do you feel choked by all your stuff, stacks and piles?

Are you ever overwhelmed & out of control in your life?

Do you suffer from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?

Learning just a few easy-to-do tips can make a HUGE difference in your life. The From Clutter to Order video series breaks it down for you. These short videos will show you how to:

- clear out the clutter so your time, space and energy are freed up for what's really important to you.
- enjoy coming home, because it's your special place of calm and beauty!
- eliminate clutter so that YOU'RE in control of your stuff,
IT'S not in control of YOU!

This is a GIFT for you - there is no cost for enjoying these life-changing videos.

As a bonus you will also receive your own copy of
"The Little Book of Freedom From Clutter."

Check it out now!


"Like any tool used for self-discovery, growth, and healing, journal writing takes practice; patience and consistency are the underlying prerequisites for change and growth. Journal writing is a tool that you can integrate into your lifestyle as you move forward on your path of self-discovery. Make a quiet time and space for yourself to write. There's no need to be rigid about this, because writing might then become something that you come to dread - like a chore or a homework assignment. Let the time you set aside for yourself to write be a time of quiet meditation and introspection."
- Louise L. Hay


Links to organizations that inspire, motivate and open up worlds of possibility:

Millionth Circle

Arete Center For Excellence

Landmark Education

BEYOND EDUCATION - begin the adventure of ecstatic living with the PLEASURE COURSE


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